Class hints

The following outlines all available class-related hints supported by the Confluence builder extension.


See Collapsed content for more details.


New in version 2.2.

When this class hint is applied to a literal/code block, this provides the ability to override the theme configured for an individual code-block macro. For example:

.. code-block:: python
    :class: confluence-theme-FadeToGrey

    def main():
        print 'Hello, world!'

    if __name__ == '__main__':

See also confluence_code_block_theme.


New in version 1.7.

When this class hint is applied to inlined text, the text will be styled with a strikethrough style. Sphinx projects may define the following in a document to support the strikethrough of text in both the html and confluence builders (assuming the HTML documents are also prepared to support the strike class):

.. role:: strike
    :class: strike

This is an :strike:`example`.

Projects may also move the role definition inside the project’s inside rst_prolog as follows:

rst_prolog = """

.. role:: strike
    :class: strike


Projects using Markedly Structured Text - Parser can also take advantage of the role defined in rst_prolog (above) and use the role as follows:

This is an {strike}`example`.