The following outlines the reStructuredText/Sphinx markup supported by this extension. The intent of this extension is to support as much markup as possible that can be rendered on a Confluence instance. Below will identify markup that has been tested, planned to be implemented in the future or is not compatible with Confluence.


type status notes
admonitions supported
bibliographic fields supported
block quotes supported
bullet lists supported
centered unsupported
citations supported
code supported
  • Sphinx Code Markup
  • code-block options emphasize-lines and lines as well as highlight option linenothreshold are ignored due to incompatibilities with Confluence’s code block macro.
  • Highlighting is limited to languages defined by the Confluence instance (see code block macro).
  • Pending work to validate/improve code block options caption, encoding and pyobject.
compound paragraph supported
container prospect
definition lists supported
deprecated supported
download supported
enumerated lists supported
epigraph supported
footnotes supported
glossary supported
highlights supported
hlist unsupported
hyperlink targets supported
images supported
list table supported
literal blocks supported
manpage supported
math supported
parsed literal block supported
option lists supported
production list supported
pull-quote supported
raw supported
rubric supported
sections supported
tables supported
toctree supported
transitions supported
versionadded supported
versionchanged supported

(note: directive options “class” and “name” are ignored)


The following extensions are supported:


If a markup type and/or extension is not listed in the above, is not working as expected or brings up another concern, feel free to bring up an issue:

Atlassian Confluence Builder for Confluence - Issues